IMG_6964.jpgI used one strobe hitting the wall, Strip box for the hair lighting, soft box for a fill as well as an umbrella. -Alex Rae
For this image, I used a soft box above my subject, and I had an umbrella in front of it. -Jessica Dexter

Health and beauty
by Kendra
Duo Terra is a product that promotes both health and beauty

Health and Beauty

I lit the flower using the rim light technique. I had a black card
behind the flower, with a soft box behind that. For the front of the subject, I used a scrim with a strobe. The flower is on a glass surface. I wanted to show that we ruin our beauty by covering it up with make-up.

Photograph by: Ally Bradley

Does the top part of the lotion or the bubbles bother anyone?
I was thinking of filling the lotion, but I had someone tell me the bubbles didn't look good, I thought it made it somewhat realistic though since soap does well, bubble.
I shot the background and the foreground separably then composited them together.
When I took down the resolution for Tom's class I feel like my brightness over all went down.


Health and beauty
by Kurdi_H
Using key,fill,and reflective lighting I made this soap image for health and beauty